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  • Forget the map reading
  • Forget asking for directions
  • Let me do the driving
    704.360.7803 or 704.788.8802

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Video recorders are welcome.
    Please have extra film and extra batteries
    (extra please not the one in your camera but an additional one)

    VIP's are spotted on a daily basis but cannot be guaranteed on every tour.

    I do not show drivers homes. They are fair game in public but their homes are off limits.

    Request for autographs are okay, please be polite and respectful in requesting them.

    Please check in when you arrive in town by calling 704-788-8802.

    I turn it off at night so you don't have to worry about how late it may be.

    Get some rest!! Some fans are so excited the night before that they don't get sleep.

    Please do not pack your own lunch, we go to a place that is known for spotting drivers and crew members.

    The time we spend at each shop varies and everyday is different.

    Each shop has a different advantage. At the ones that may not show a lot we may see Pit Practice or run into famous folks.

    Please know you vacation time is precious to me. I will give you my best and pray that you have the best time ever.

    Thanks again,
    Trisha Fuller